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Customers care more about the reliability of final PCB boards than ever, and that means designers have to improve the reliability of PCB design to meet their requirement. It is one of the best ways to simulate the key reliability tests of vibration and acceleration upfront during the design phase. 

To improve the quality of PCB boards, it is essential to solve the physical constraints and fatigue issues prior to manufacturing. It is said that fatigue can be responsible for up to 20% of failures in harsh environments. Physical stress testing, also known as highly accelerated lifecycle testing or HALT, is used to reduce field failures, but it is expensive and time-consuming.

A better method is to bring virtual simulation of vibration and acceleration to PCB designer’s PC so as to directly view the harmonic frequency and applied stress on all components that could potentially result in a failure. It can reduce much early failures through simulation in layout, and then with the help of the physical HALT, the highly reliability of PCB layout can be guaranteed. And in this way, much HALT expenses can be reduced.

Even just a tiny defect can cause series of problems in your final PCB boards. It is known to all that customers rewards products that are known to be reliable, as compared to their non-reliable counterparts. All in all, high reliability provides a true competitive advantage. 

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