In-Field Failures

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It is a nightmare for every PCB designer that your finished goods are not as perfect as you expected. You may receive the final results for your new circuit boards’ quality testing and life testing, and everything looks good and ready for production. Then you may think your finished PCBs are reliable. You are absolutely wrong. The fact is that even you got a satisfactory testing result, the prolonged stress that your PCB will endure out in the field under a variety of conditions and use cases cannot be tested.

The products that we design today have an increased IC power dissipation driven mainly by density and speed. And we all want to use reduced power to meet our needs for increased density and speed, so when we mix the high-current density, you might find that: 
PCB delamination and fusing from pinch points.
An increase in copper resistance from heat leads to a drop in PDN voltages.
Increasingly complex power management challenges due to contribution from PDN heat.

In-Field Failures  PCB  

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