Industrial Robots in the PCB Industry

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PCB Industrial Robot

Industrial robots are mainly used in the early automobile manufacturing, soldering, assembly, handling, painting and other work in the car production process, these tasks are not required high accuracy. However, the PCB fabrication is relatively complicated. Robots in the PCB industry mainly do the job like loading and unloading, turning, sorting, positioning, testing, etc.

Due to the diversity and complexity of PCB boards like single-sided boards, double-sided boards, multilayer boards, flexible boards, rigid and soft boards, etc., there are more requirements for front-end actuators. There is also a requirement for positioning accuracy, work beat, and integration technologies.

The following focuses on three representative cases of PCB robot applications:

1.Six axis multi-joint robot for AOI inspection process

Traditional AOI scanning machines rely on manual to put, flap and unload boards, a person check of two machines at the same time who does repetitive monotonous movements everyday. Besides, a just finished good circuit board will emit a pungent odor to the human body which will bring some damage, and the infrared light emitted by the AOI scanning machine is also an invisible killer. With a six-axis multi-joint PCB robot, it can be completed more than 700 PCB board retraction, the overall efficiency can reach 1 min (including the AOI machine scan time).

2.Robot for circuit board coil inspection process

The current multilayer PCB short circuit detection equipment is still very rare, most of the testing equipment are dependent on artificial, large aperture PCB board is manually put the board above the test equipment and then open the device testing, small aperture PCB board need to manually hold the device (probe) to detect each coil. The use of robots can be completed with the detection equipment on the loading and unloading and alignment, to achieve a one-time large aperture board all the coils through the line detection; for small aperture board, the use of equipment can fix the probe through the visual positioning, detect each coil with the probe, effectively avoid manual operation error.

3.Robot for small finished PCB board’s  packing process

The existing FPC boards are manually picked up and placed inside a plastic tray, the efficiency is greatly reduced due to the soft and thin features of FPC. PCB robots with a visual system can pick and placed on the tray as required efficiently. Its speed can reach 60 piece/min.

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