Integrated Circuit Board

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Integrated Circuit Board

The use of integrated circuits is very interesting, especially when it comes to programmable integrated circuits because of the endless possibilities that a microcontroller can offer. The possible combination and advantages of programmable integrated circuits are only limited to the designer capability. However, intermittent interchange of ICs between the prototype base and the programming board when playing microcontrollers can lead to incontinence and a slight reduction of the interesting part.

As a solution, a number of IC development boards existed which combine prototype and programming together to make it a single unit. Most IC development boards use USB as the primary power supply and programming port. Therefore, no additional power conditioning circuit and programming interface are required to allow the project to proceed. Almost no boards are made as per industry standards with high-end processors and common interfaces that can be used directly for practical applications. However, IC development board has the necessary components to connect boards to various modules and gadgets that are commonly available on the market. Development PCB board mainly uses SMD components to make it compact.

The PCB is made to fit various shields that can be used to further extend the functionality of the development board. The traditional IC development board has small versions which cover almost all of its features and can be installed anywhere in the project. Some advanced boards like raspberry pi can run on an independent operating system which can be used as a microcomputer system with some basic computer functionalities.

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