Is Rigid-Flex PCBs Really Pricey?

Dated:2017-01-11      Popularity:1184

Rigid-Flex PCB

With the development of advanced technology, PCB technical innovation has become a key factor determining the success of market competition. In PCB industry, designers feel it become more challenging to put every little thing in the box with inexpensive cost. One way to help designers solve the issue is to use rigid-flex PCB modern technology. Still most designers avoid using rigid-flex PCBs because they think it is relatively expensive. But is it really as pricey as we assume?

We compare the cost of the typical rigid-cable-rigid PCB assembly to one used rigid-flex modern technology. Though the former construction works well for short-run designs, it needs connectors on each board and interconnectors, and all this increase your BoM expense. Besides, the rigid-cable-rigid design is prone to cool joints which will reduce shelf life to some extent. However, rigid-flex printed circuit boards can avoid cool joints, making them much more reliable and durability, and in high-quality. A simple comparison can obviously show that rigid-flex PCB technology is more useful and has a reasonable expense.

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