Key Trends in PCB Industry

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Complex PCB Boards

Thanks to the booming demand for electronic products, the printed circuit board as the basic material is facing a huge global market. For the moment, China has about 1000 PCB board manufacturers, spreading over Guangdong, Jiangsu and Zhejiang provinces, and Shanghai.

EPCB, as a leading PCB manufacturer in Shanghai, will tell you some key trends in China’s PCB industry as follows: 

a. With the raw material shortage and high labor cost, most manufacturers in China have adjusted PCB prices in 2016, and they may adjust prices in 2017 for the same reason. 

b. Because of high return, HDI printed circuit boards’ fabrication attracts more manufacturers, who plan to invest more on this PCB category. Presently, only about 20 companies are specialized in manufacturing HDI PCB boards due to its high requirement for production line and technology.  

c. A variety of manufacturers improve their technology to meet the requirement of high-density miniaturization trend in portable electronics. PCB boards of this type always have more layers, and tiny line width and hole diameter.

d. With more and more attention paid on the environment protection by Chinese government, some manufacturers are exploring alternative materials to improve PCB reliability and comply with “green” guidelines. Lots of them began to use high-Tg and Grade-A boards, and fabricate halogen- and lead-free boards.

e. Total overseas sales have increased at least 10%, especially from the EU and North America. To bolster export capability, more and more Chinese manufacturers plan to improve their operating efficiency and intensify staff training. 


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