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Some PCB designers put more attention on their PCB design, while they always forgot to talk with their manufacturers about PCB data. It’s a pity, because some unnoticed problems can be solved if your manufacturer really understands your PCB data well. Maybe next time, when you sent PCB data to your manufacturer, you can ask them a few things, and EPCB listed them as follows: 

1. Ask them to provide a file about changes they make, because this information can help you learn well about what they have done. 

2. In most cases, printed circuit boards are delivered as panel sets, so you should know how they are aligned because that can cause issues with your product. Have a review on the panel data can really help smooth out the assembly process.

3. During the PCB fabrication process, some test reports are generated. Ask your manufacturers for these reports can help you learn how they test bare boards, and if they really learn your design. If you ignore these reports, sometimes you won’t find errors until the printed circuit boards had been populated and testing is being carried out.

4. You’d better confirm the hole size you provide is treated as finished hole size or drill size. Though in most cases, it doesn’t matter if manufacturers mix them up. However, a small hole for a fine wire or lead may end up being smaller as the plating can reduce the hole size by 0.1mm. So it counts. 

Learn how your manufacturer treat your PCB data will help a designer work more effectively, and it can save a mess up more than you expected. 

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