Know PCB Machine Limitations

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Inexperienced PCB designers tend to blame manufacturers for producing flawed PCBs. In fact, they have to take charge for flawed PCBs in most cases, because they forget to take machine limitations into consideration which really matters. 

PCB designers should know machine limitations to avoid incorrectly designed-in tolerances and board spacing. As to design-for-assembly, they should consider more factors, including, height, length, and package-related limitations, otherwise, multiple board defects, such as components skew, inactivation of flux with solder paste, are created. 

PCB designers also have to know the limitations of various fabrication and assembly process machines, including pick-and-place, AOI, re-flow, wave solder, test systems, etc. Board size tolerances, panel size, height-related restrictions, etc., should be paid more attention when designing. 

A component placement also needs great attention, which cannot be too close to each other or to the edge of the board. For example, a 0.4mm pitch BGA requires considerably tighter placement tolerance than a 0.7 or 0.8mm pitch BGA, and thus it demands more placement precision performed by pick-and-place equipment. 

This article shows how important or PCB designers to know more about machine limitations, and hope it does work for you.


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