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Learning about the different materials that make up your printed circuit boards will allow you to evaluate whether the PCBs you find absolutely can work for your application or not. This is why EPCB helps customers make the best decisions for their project by giving all of the information necessary to analyze the choices at hand. Commercial phenyl ether polymers belong to two chemical classes: polyphenyl ethers (PPEs) and polyphenylene oxides(PPOs). Polyphenylene ether (PPE) is an amorphous engineering thermoplastic. Modification with fillers such as glass fiber permits selective adjustment of characteristics. PPE blends are used predominantly in moulded components used in the electronics, domestic and automotive sectors which have to provide good thermal and dimensional stability. While the PPO (polyphenylene oxide) epoxy resin is the closest to FR-4 standards, but exhibits a lower Dk (3.60) and Df (0.009). It is, therefore, an affordable material that is supported by most fabrication shops and gives you superior characteristics for higher speed designs. 


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