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Plastic Tubing Packaging

In this article, EPCB aims to tell you how to package your LED PCB products to avoid the detrimental effect of chemicals on PCBs.

LED chip manufactures send us lots of files from about how to handle, store, take care of the bare LED chip, even down to the time frame from when you open that aluminum foiled sealed package the reels come in, to when you should have soldered the chip onto the board by. But little information about how LED PCBs should be packaged, handled and stored. 

We always store PCBs in cardboard, but we ignore that the phosphor coating always degrades or discolors, and the Ag plating are oxidized. Actually, the key point to this is don’t store or package you LED or LED PCBs in any cardboard.

You can put them in suitable plastic tubing. Here suitable means that your LED or LED PCBs won’t have a similar reaction with any other chemicals being used in the plastic. 

Hope this article is useful for you.


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