Low-Voltage Transformers

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Low-Voltage Transformer

Low-voltage transformers are electronic components that convert standard line voltage to a significantly lower output. They enable safe delivery of electrical power to commonly used low-voltage lighting systems. Two major types of low-voltage transformers are electronic and magnetic low-voltage transformers. Low-voltage transformers that are electronic are more compact and weigh less than their magnetic counterparts.

Electronic low-voltage transformers work as the principle of capacitance. These devices reduce the operating voltage level with electronic circuit. They can deliver 300 watts of maximum power output and are suitable for voltage adjustments where lighting systems are installed in limited spaces such as bathrooms, entertainments areas, etc.

Magnetic low-voltage transformers are sizable devices which are able to offer a maximum of 1,200 watts of power. These transformers work as induction which brings down the operating voltage with copper wire coiled around a steel core. Magnetic low-voltage transformers are appropriate for outdoor lighting applications.


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