Materials for PCB Soldering Pallets

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PCB Wave Soldering Pallet

PCB solder pallets are used to fix electronic components on printed circuit boards during the wave soldering process. The solder pallets are designed to adjust according to the printed circuit board design.

With the fast development in PCB industry, right now durostone sheet and ricocel sheet are used for the PCB assembly process. These materials have several advantages: long life span, good resistance to chemicals used in modern fluxes, low thermal conductivity, excellent mechanical performance at higher temperature, and superior machining properties.

Except the above similar advantages, durostone sheets have other benefits used in PCB assembly, they are as follows: use durostone sheet can reduce pollution to the human contact, disposal rate, and PCB bending rate; standardize the width of production line; increase production capacity.

Durostone also functions well in wave soldering process for its better physical properties at elevated high temperatures, so it can reach high precision without any deformation. You can see that there nearly no layering, bubbles, deformation when working at 380℃ for a short time.

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