Mounting Components on the PCB Board

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Through-Hole Assembly

There are two main methods for placing components on the PCB surface. 

Through-hole is a manual method of fitting components with wire leads into holes on the PCB surface. It is also often called DIP or dual in-line package process. 

Surface mount technology is usually abbreviated to SMT. This method is the most widely used in mass manufacturing. It is done by fast and precise SMT machines that save you time, money, and avoid human error.

There are 5 points for you to keep in mind:
1. Your component type number should not exceed the number of reels the SMT machines of your manufacturer can support.
2. Optimize and consolidate your components, so you just have one SMT run which can save you time and money.
3. Check what footprint pad sizes your manufacturer supports. Otherwise, the SMT machine will not be able to mount the components correctly.
4. Some bigger components cannot be mounted by the machine and still need handy work. Thus, both of these technologies can be used on the same board.
5. Any components that you will need to add manually with the through-hole method, will add to the manufacturing cost.

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