Multilayer PCB Design With Eagle

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Multilayer PCB Board

Multilayer PCBs are the perfect solution for high density and complex circuit prototypes. For a satisfactory and error-free design of multilayer PCBs, it is best to use the multilayered tools provided by Eagle software.

The complete schematic is the basis of the PCB design, therefore start with creating a schematic. From the file menu, name the project and open the schematic editor window. From there, use the tools in the toolbar to make an exact copy of the paper schematic by placing components on the workspace. Rotate and move the assembly to clearly read the schematic. After completing this step, cross-check each component and make sure that nothing is left, use reference marks, values, and part numbers if necessary. Add the network to each pin of the component and make the correct connection.

The next job is the layout that can be done in one of two ways. If you have already determined the shape of the component's board, layer and position, then draw the dimensions of the PCB and arrange the board by placing components and through holes. Then generate a netlist from the schematic, upload it to the board, and then route the net. Eagle Software provides its users with the tools to select the right grid for design. It can be seen that each layer of the PCB overlaps with the original PCB layer and there are various routing options. This simplifies the PCB design of one-button designs. You can use the layer settings button to turn any layer on or off to route each layer individually or on demand. Another option is to use a multi-layer pool for the PCB combination by allowing Eagle software to automatically create the PCB. Then cross check all layers, components, text and dimensions. Finally, use design check rule options for the final board layout and then complete contact with the PCB.

Generate Gerber files from file browser options. Check it along with the rest of the necessary documentation for the manufacturing process. Submit these documents to the PCB manufacturing company. Each step in the Eagle software design guides the designer to ensure successful multilayer PCB design. 

EPCB hope this article can really give you some idea for your next multilayer PCB board design.

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