Multilayer PCB Press Test

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Multilayer PCB

The use of press machine plays a great important role in the multilayer PCB processing, because the press of temperature or pressure uniformity can affect PCB quality. In this article, EPCB will explain test methods for pressure and temperature uniformity.

Test Method for Temperature Uniformity: Utilize thermocouple thermometer, several thermocouple wires, 9 or more points of the place, and then record the data each time, so you can easy to check the temperature uniformity. 

Test Method for Pressure Uniformity: There is a special induction paper used in pressure uniformity test. Its effect is really good, but the cost is relatively higher. To reduce the cost, you can choose standard lead arrangement, which can also let you know the pressure uniformity and its value. Besides, it is a good idea to use a copy of paper on a piece of white paper on top of the operation of the lamination to learn on which part the pressure is pressed evenly. 

Multilayer PCB  Test  

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