Necessary Preparations for Soldering PCB

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Soldering is an important step in the whole PCB fabrication process. It is sometimes considered as a dangerous step, so we should make some necessary preparations before soldering PCB. They are listed as follows by EPCB

1. Use a soldering iron. Though there are several soldering tools, EPCB consider the best soldering iron must be electrostatic discharge safe, temperature-controlled, and high-power. It is a little bit expensive, but even inexperienced amateur can easily use it. Of course, if you just soldering some simple kits, an inexpensive pencil iron is ok.

2. Choose suitable solder alloy. The most common solder alloy used in electronics consists of 60% tin and 40% lead, and is recommended for beginners. Though lead-free alloys are becoming popular now, the high temperature they require during the soldering process make it suit the experienced people better, even they are more effective.

3. Solder necessary components. Not every type of component needs to be soldered during the board fabrication, so you’d better mark those needed to be soldered in advance. Through-hole components are always soldered in printed circuit boards. You can solder them to the pad of metal plating around the hole. 

4. Hold components by clamp. PCB components are usually quite small, so you’d better use clamps to put them to the specified area, especially when you operate a soldering iron.

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