New Technology for Printed Circuit Board

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Today's design and manufacturing technologies contribute to the growth of PCB demand and manufacturing capacity. It is common now to put them into devices that require circuit miniaturization and high reliability.

Healthcare- Diagnostic and monitoring devices have made tremendous advances in the quality of healthcare, and the very quality of life for patients with embedded devices like pacemakers, defibrillators and internal medicine pumps.

Communications- The continued growth in demand for personal communication devices and Internet of Things (IoT) ensures the long-term growth potential for devices that enable consumers to communicate quickly and easily.

PCB in Mobile

Aerospace- Printed circuit boards are used in aerospace mission at all times, that’s why you can easily find complex, light-weight and highly-functional PCBs in today’s exploration and space missions.

Similarly, commercial and military aircraft also utilize a wealth of sophisticated electronic circuit boards for navigation, communications, and even for passenger entertainment and connectivity.

Major advances in PCB design and manufacturing include:

High-Density Interconnect Board or HDI Board- It is a circuit board with more components in less space aiming to achieve high performance, reduced space and weight, and increased reliability.

HDI Board

Laser Direct Imaging or LDI- It is a more accurate method of creating a design image on a PCB material, replacing the less precise and limited photochemical process.

Flexible Printed Circuit Board- It is a kind of material that allow flexibility in circuit boards to meet application-specific requirements.

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