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3D PCB Printers

3D PCB Printer

If you are a hobbyist and want to make a quick one-off PCB at home, there are a number of steps that you must follow. After preparing the PCB design, you may often use a paper printer in PCB to print a separate 2D PCB layout and then pass the ironing and etching process to get your board ready for all the required copper traces. Actually, this practice is slowly going to disappear.
The well-known 3D printing technology is slowly building its foundation in PCB industry. 3D PCB printing not only makes PCBs, also produces printed circuit board assembly. This reduces the work time of a few weeks or days to only about an hour. The only drawback of these machines is that they are too expensive now.

Flexible PCBs Making and Wearable Technology
We are familiar to electronic products mainly due to health reasons. Currently, before waiting for a doctor to check or waiting until you feel sick, monitoring human health products are becoming increasingly important. Flexible PCB has come in handy thanks to wearable technology.
Copper tracks are now being build up and becoming thinner and thinner. This makes the wearable products more comfortable and more efficient to work, especially the wearable sensor data can be wirelessly transmitted.

High Density Interconnect PCBs

High Density Interconnect PCBs
Whether you want to make a circuit board for a wearable application, a new computer board, or an Internet of Things (IoT) device, electronic components are required to be very small to occupy the minimum space with excellent performance in PCB manufacturing. This can not be achieved by traditional PCB routing methods. With HDI technology, PCB components can be tightly packed with each other with even better function. With the help of microvias, which are about 140um, components can be packed to as close as 100um. This is achieved without compromising the quality of involved electrical signals.

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