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PCB Board

In order to help PCB board manufacturers detect the resulting defects in the early stages of production process, more and more screen printing equipment manufacturers integrated online machine vision technology in their manufacture of screen printing equipment. The built-in vision system can achieve three main goals:

First of all, they can directly detect defects in the printing operation after the implementation of the situation, in the main manufacturing costs are added to the circuit board before, allowing the operator to promptly deal with the problem. This step is typically included when the circuit board is removed from the printing unit, after the cleaning agent has been cleaned, and when it is returned to the production line.

Secondly, since the relevant defects are found at this stage, it is possible to prevent the defective circuit board from reaching the rear end of the production line. Thereby preventing the repair phenomenon or in some cases formed by the phenomenon of waste.

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, it is important to provide the operator with timely feedback on whether the printing process in operation is working well and thus effectively preventing the occurrence of defects.

To provide effective control during this level of process operation, the on-line vision system should detect the solder pad on the PCB after the solder paste has been applied. In most cases, fine-pitch components are tested to optimize the detection time and focus on the area most prone to problems.


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