Operational Management

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Because of the complexity of SMT-based PCB manufacturing, different teams must play different roles across the flow, each with different motivations and incentives. The performance of each team is measured in different ways, and this causes boundaries between various competencies.

For SMT, when an issue arises about production operation, or production management, or planning, or supply-chain, or quality, or industrial engineering, each team may have a different perspective, often leading it into conflict with colleagues elsewhere. As a result, some problems cannot be addressed immediately even it is not very complicated. This limits real improvement and results in far too many missed opportunities.

In a manufacturing environment built around a common PCB manufacturing software infrastructure, everyone has a consistent view. Diverse information from different parts of the operation is qualified, accurate, and timely. Everyone gets the same information from the same source, but tailored according to each particular group's competences. This enables different teams to work more effectively together, avoiding differences of opinion. Everyone can work toward a successful conclusion.

Benefits include higher productivity and better quality. Responsiveness is more timely, fixes stay fixed, and a much more harmonious shop-floor working environment is created. 


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