PCB Advantages

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Printed circuit board is one of the new wonders in the modern production of electronics parts. It is made of glass fabricated plastic with copper tracks that act as wire to which the components are attached. In order for components to be properly placed into the board, the production requires holes to be drilled on the board. PCB is soldered to create a stronger hold for the components. There are a variety of advantages of PCB, here EPCB lists four reasons for your reference. 

Fixed PCB components: Printed circuit board has no complex wirings attached all over the board. Thus, it makes the circuit board a simple electronic part to use. Since the board components are fixed and easy to identify, it makes the board easy to maintain.

Less short circuits and wrong wirings: A PCB has minimal chance of short circuits and wrong wirings in its production since the copper tracks are embedded to the board. 

Low cost: Creation of multiple circuit boards from one design is easy to do since it only needs to print the design and etch it in a copper board. It makes mass production much cheaper. One can save the schematic design and can reproduce it anytime that the board is needed.

Easy reproduction: As mentioned above, printed circuit boards are ideal for reproduction of multiple boards. Since it is computer generated, one can fabricate uniform printed circuit boards using the same schematic layout. Thus, creating boards that are identical is effortless to make.

PCB  Advantages  

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