PCB Applications

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Circuit boards, often referred as printed circuit boards or PCBs, are comprised of a combination of insulated board materials with electronic components mounted and interconnected to produce the desired electronic circuitry and specific function.

Since the early twentieth century, Charles Ducas who patented his circuit for a circuit that involved creation of an electrical path directly on an insulated surface, there has been considerable growth for PCB laminate materials. After World War II, Dr. Paul Eisler from Austria created true circuits to replace bulky radio wiring and that really made real concept of printed circuit boards popular.

At present, it is be easier to find that almost all electronic devices now use PCB technology to achieve one or more different functions.

Automotive- You can see PCB boards used in many aspects of automotives, from ignition systems to keyless entry to the many safety sensors throughout the engine and passenger compartments.

PCB in Automotive

Aerospace- Light and high performance circuit boards are critical to the design and operation of aircraft, including communications and guidance systems. Technology used in drone construction is facilitated through the use of compact, lightweight PCBs.

Smartphones- Without sophisticated and miniaturized PCBs designed for communication devices, smartphones, fitness equipment, and wearable technologies can’t meet customers’ satisfaction.

PCB in Smartphone

PCB in wearable product

Home Automation- Smart thermostats, home monitoring systems and smart appliances make good use of printed circuit boards. 

Toys- Even many simple children's toys utilize PCB technology to produce sounds, flashes and movements.

Entertainment- Flat-screen TVs won’t be exist if wiring and tube technology are not replaced by high-density and high-performance boards. Sophisticated commercial and home entertainment systems also severely rely on the use of printed circuit boards.

PCB Applications  

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