PCB Assembly Design Mistakes

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Printed Circuit Board

In the entire PCB manufacturing process, PCB assembly is always full of numerous challenges. To avoid mistakes, design is a critical part which has grave influence to the whole organization. Below are the top five mistakes that you should keep in mind: 

Environment: Most PCB designers always forget to consider environment where the PCB board will operate during the processing stage. Environmental factors contain temperature, humidity, forces and more. If the materials used and the design specifications in terms of size and ability to handle these conditions are not adequate, the final printed circuit boards always fail. 

Flex-Cracking: It often occurs when a ceramic chip capacitor endures excessive bending, because ceramic chip capacitors are unable to withstand excessive stress due to brittle nature. Some PCB boards have to use capacitors to achieve adequate electrical performance. Designers should select the most suitable type about ceramic chip capacitor to make sure it can handle the stress from PCB assembly and won’t easily crack. 

Inadequate Communication: PCB assembly often involves a number of participants, such as PCB designers, manufacturers, material suppliers, etc. Mistakes like that PCB designers forget to send the preliminary component placement to their manufacturers in the initial stage could greatly affect the delivery time. 

Lack of Design Review: It is better to let your customers review your design before mass fabrication. This can avoid veering away from what they want when specifying the product. We suggest design reviews should be included as part of quality control step.

PCB Assembly Design  

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