PCB Assembly Steps

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A Typical Fully Assembled Board

PCB assembly is a very important part in PCB industry. Today, EPCB outlines some important PCB assembly steps as follows: 

PCB SMD Assembly: Surface mount devices are miniaturized components that are placed directly mounted on the printed circuit board and get soldered on the same side. If there is a large order, then choose SMD assembly is better because it is an automated fabrication process. Usually, an automatic SMT placement machine can put thousands components at the specified location in one hour, it is really more effective and accurate than place components just by hand. That’s why SMD assembly plays a great role in PCB assembly step. 

PCB Through-Hole Assembly: Through-hole fabrication is one of the most important steps in the PCB fabrication process. Components like capacitors, LEDs, etc. should be placed manually and carefully. Only pass the inspection, can components be soldered to the PCB through wave soldering in automated process or by hand.

PCB Testing, Cleaning and Coating: To make sure the components can function as designed, printed circuit boards need to be tested by bed-of-nail or flying-probe machine. If the board functions as expected, then automatic cleaner machine will be used to remove any flux or soldering reside. Finally, you have to paint conformal coating on the top layer of the board to protect it from any contamination and oxidation.

PCB Assembly  

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