PCB Assembly

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Assembled PCB

Every manufacturer has its own PCB assembly fabrication techniques, tools and machine. In this article, let us get to know some basic tools and techniques used in whole fabrication process of PCB assembly

Graphic Code Power Place: It is a tool used to convert PCBA Gerber file into CAD file. We can edit PCB body, silkscreen layer and penalization, convert pads to parts, and define package type of part and polarity declaration for IC's chips. Different kinds of checks are available in GC, which makes your design more precise.

Mentor Graphics PADS: This is a basic tool used for schematic entry and PCB designing. There are three different tools (PADS logic, PADS layout, PADS router) together makes PADS software. Schematic diagrams, net-lists, bill of materials, board dimensions are some basic data requirements to start with PCB designing process in PADS. Schematic entry can be done in PADS logic and new parts or part decals can be created in PADS layout. PADS router is then used for routing signals. We can generate Gerber file of PCBA in PADS.

VayoPro SMT Expert: PCBA cad file is used for actual assembly manufacturing. SMT machines are programmed according to cad file of PCBA. VayoPro tool is used to extract required data from cad file. The data includes X-Y data of components, solder joints data of pads, assembly drawing of PCBA and more. There are different versions of tool which can be used for DFM testing, ICT testing. Using this output data, SMT machines are programmed to manufacture and test PCB assembly.

With the help of the above three PCB software tools, much time can be saved for manufacturers and customers.

PCB Assembly  

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