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As experts in the manufacture and assembly of printed circuit boards, we work to make our blog a helpful resource on PCB topics and the industries that we work with, including automotive, consumer electronics, aerospace and many more. Here you'll find insights into PCB design, FPC design, tech trends, assembly issues, equipment, material and trending topics in the general news media as they relate to printed circuit board technology.

From smartphones to kitchen appliances, electronics play a large part in our daily routine. At the heart of each of electronics is a printed circuit board. It is the foundation of a majority of electronic products today. These components come in a vast array of configurations, allowing them to serve a variety of functions. As electronics expand and develop across industries, PCB applications continue to grow as well. Today, the use of PCBs spans just about every industry and continues to evolve into new industries and applications. PCBs are the major functional centers of most electronics in the modern world. Circuit boards connect components to one another through a series of related circuits.

Most people will recognize printed circuit boards when they see them. You'll find these small green chips at the hearts of electronics. PCBs come in an infinite number of configurations and are made with a variety of materials. Such flexibility allows PCBs to function in a variety of capacities and applications.

Since PCB is widely used in our daily life and plays great important role, thus EPCB tries best to offer latest information to those who are interested in PCB industry. If you have found anything wrong in our article or you have some good idea, you’re sincerely welcome by us.

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