PCB Board Color

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black PCB board

It is said that black PCB board equals to high-quality, blue means low end, and yellow is not good, but is it really true? Let's find out the fact in this article.

Black PCB Board
In the past, due to the immature fabrication technology, unsuitable raw material and terrible color aberration problem, the faulty board rate, fabrication cost and R&D cost are relatively higher. However, fabrication technology is much advanced now, so the black printed circuit board is widely used in most products.

Green PCB Board
Green PCB Board looks not so good as the black one. However, the performance of PCB board is good or not is determined by its material, wiring design, layer number, etc. PCB color can't represent anything. 

White PCB Board
White printed circuit board is relatively more beautiful. However, to avoid turning pure white PCB into yellow one during the high-temperature test, additional coating is needed to protect the board. At the same time, it may bring some problem to the maintenance that re-welding components will destroy the surrounding white surface. Therefore, the fabrication cost of white PCB board is relatively higher. In this way, white PCB board is relatively more rare than the black one. 

What we want to say in this article is that board color doesn't mean anything. In fact, a good printed circuit board depends on its excellent design, qualified material, professional fabrication technology. 

PCB Board Color  

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