PCB Board Industry in 2016

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EPCB has roughly learned the sales data about 2016 global PCB board market, and will analyze some important PCB boards’ manufacturing regions or countries to you all. 

Though Taiwan is considered as the highest PCB yield region thanks to the release of Apple 7, its increase momentum was suddenly ceased in the 4th season. And compared to the last year, the annual revenue in 2016 was reduced about 3%, and this data may be a little bigger in 2017.

The PCB board market in Japan was very disappointing this year. Its market revenue was reduced about 10.4% in the first three quarters compared to the last year. Domestic mobile products like smart phones and iPads are the mainly market for rigid PCB board manufacturers in Japan, unfortunately, their market share is decreasing year by year. Flexible printed circuit boards’ performance was even worse. Its market revenue was sharply reduced by 20.1%, owe to the competitive manufacturers abroad, especially from Taiwan and Korea. 

German is the biggest manufacturer about printed circuit boards in Europe. From Jan. to Aug., its market share almost didn’t have any change. Luckily, from Sep. to Dec., its order volume was increased obviously. 

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