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Complicated PCB Boards

A Shrinking PCB Market in Taiwan: The PCB board industry is an important part in the supply chain for electronic goods, and Taiwan’s supply chain for raw material and components is second to none. That’s why it has been one of the biggest global manufacturing hubs for electronic goods, including personal computers, tablet PCs, smart phones, digital cameras and more.

The global market about PCB boards made in Taiwan has increased steadily and sharply since 2000. Even undergoing the global financial crisis, its PCB board market share still slowly increased in the world. However, with the appearance of more and more competitive manufacturers especially from Shenzhen and Shanghai, and the shortage of raw material, Taiwan’s PCB industry is shrinking this year. 

A Booming PCB Market in Shanghai: Though the supply chain in Shanghai is inferior to that in Taiwan, with the advanced technology for PCB board manufacturing, the Shanghai’s PCB market share has steadily increased across the world. Among so many manufacturers in Shanghai, EPCB is definitely one of the best one. Our company’s tenet is to provide high-quality PCB boards, best price and on-time delivery to our customers. 

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