PCB Board Prototyping

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PCB Board Prototyping

The design and implementation of electronic circuits includes various steps from literature review to testing the final product. Electronic prototyping helps to understand concepts and improve circuit knowledge. There are many ways to implement and use electronic circuits such as breadboard prototypes, PCB prototyping, and custom electronic prototyping boards designed to work with specific circuits or components.

Electronic prototyping through bread board is the basic stage, has its own advantages and disadvantages, obviously not suitable for cumbersome and advanced circuit. Prototyping through dot board/vero board/pref board is the next stage from bread board. Circuits can be permanently connected to the board with a firm connection and a rigid structure. This is the best way to achieve electronic circuits with low cost and easy work. If you want to modify the connection, the disordering process is tedious and unlikely to succeed.

Electronic prototyping through PCBs is considered as advanced technology because it requires the amount of work to design and manufacture the circuit board itself. PCBs are preferred for permanent circuit connections which are pre tested using any of the above electronic prototyping methods. 

In order to make advanced microcontroller prototypes easier, there are many development or prototyping boards that have pre-designed circuits with suitable PCBs to work in a suitable environment. Choose a programmable microcontroller for the prototyping board is a wide method, because it requires multiple connections and accessories to make it work. The use of electronic prototyping boards with built-in PC interface and external component interfaces, rather than other prototyping methods, where the chips or auxiliary components must be frequently programmed to be programmed and programmed after programming, making programming easier.

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