PCB Board Test

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PCB board test, used to ensure board quality, should be paid great attention by PCB manufacturers and designers. Common mistakes can be inspected by this step are as follows: components that are not connected, misaligned components and shorts that connect portions of the circuit that should not be connected. 

Most common test machine used by PCB manufacturers is as follows:

X-ray. The PCB manufacturers will use X-ray to check the soldering conditions for ball grid array components.

In-circuit test is usually abbreviated to ICT. When you design the PCB, you often will reserve some test points for debugging, programming, and other purposes. The ICT machine will use these test points to do the open/short test and will check if the values of the passive components (resistor, inductor, or capacitor) comply with specifications.

Automatic optical inspection is usually abbreviated to AOI. For this test, the hardware creators will need to provide the specifications and tolerance to the manufacturer to set the parameters.

PCB Board Test  

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