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EPCB is a platform offers various leading Chinese PCB suppliers to customers. Here you can find full range of PCB manufacturing and assembly services to fit all of your printed circuit board capability needs.

Most of them are one-stop printed circuit board manufacturers or offer quick turn PCB assembly solutions. Here some of the most advanced PCB technology and convenient services can be found in the industry like full spec PCBs, no minimum quantity, quick turn PCBs, custom spec, highly specialized precision PCBs, large scale production, etc. Each PCB supplier has its strength, thus sectors we serve include military/defense, aerospace, medical, industrial control, automotive, consumer electronics, telecom, etc.

You even can find that several PCB suppliers are able to manufacture for DOD Contracts. Suppliers with such capability are also rare in the United States. Since we are just a information provider, not a broker, all boards are made in the factories or plants of the PCB suppliers we listed. 

To ensure the high quality of PCB boards, we have done a really field survey about  their equipment, fabrication environment, certificates, etc. Thus, with a broad range of advanced capabilities for high reliability, precision, and powerful PCB performance for critical applications, you can be assured of the PCB board quality here.

Here we only list eight certificates provided by our PCB suppliers for your reference.

PCB Certificates

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