PCB Classification Based on Layers

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Printed circuit boards are largely used in various industries due to it can help in reducing errors associated with routing and assembly and enhance the competence of automation and fabrication. 

PCBs are in various categories based on different classification standards. Today, let’s analyze from the perspective of PCB layers.

Single-Layer PCBs

This is a basic form of PCBs as it has a one layer of substrate or base material. A thin metallic layer preferably made of copper covers one of its sides. This is because copper has an excellent conductivity.
Single-layer PCBs have the following advantages:
They are quite affordable, especially for large production.
They are appropriate for simple circuit.
Fewer issues may exist during the manufacturing process which can increase the speed of fabrication.
Single-layer PCBs can be used for various purposes such as power supply, printers, relays, sensors, LEDs, etc. It is however important to note that single layer PCBs do not work well with complex circuit.

Double-Layer PCBs

This type of PCBs is quite popular. They are used to route traces around each other. This is done through a via that allows movement both on the top and bottom layer. 
Double-layer PCBs have some benefits such as:
They give designers extra flexibility.
They enhance circuit density and quite affordable.
They allow for reduction of board size.
Double-layer PCBs can be used for power supply, industrial control, converters, UPS system, mobile phone system amongst other functions.

Multi-Layer PCBs

multi-layer board

This PCB type is quite complex and dense. This is because they have extra layers that are added above the top and bottom. Extra layers serve as power planes supplying power to the circuit. They also help in optimally decreasing the electromagnetic interference that often comes from designs.
Multi-layer PCBs have the following benefits:
They reduce the size and weight of boards while increase density and flexibility.
They serve multiple functions and work better with interference.
Multi-layer PCBs can be used for computers, satellites, data storage, GPS technology, etc.

The above 3 types of printed circuit boards can be found almost everywhere. Of course you can order them from EPCB. Get online PCB quote now.

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