PCB Component Check Principles

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PCB Layout

1.Confirm that all device packages are consistent with the company's unified library and that the package libraries have been updated (use viewlog to check the operation results). If not, be sure to use Update Symbols;

2.As to motherboard and daughter board, single board and backplane, you should confirm the signal corresponding to the location, connector orientation and silkscreen logo is correct, and the daughter board has anti-misinsertion measures, components on the daughter board and the motherboard should not interfere each other;

3.Whether the components are 100% placed;

4.Open the place-bound on the TOP and BOTTOM layer to see whether the DRC caused by overlap is allowed;

5.Whether mark points are sufficient and necessary;

6.To reduce the PCB warpage, heavier components should be placed near the PCB support point or support edge;

7.Around the range of 5mm of crimp sockets, component’s height is not allowed to be higher than crimp socket on the front, while no components or solder joints are not allowed on the back side;

8.Confirm if the layout of the device meets the technical requirements (e.g. BGA, PLCC, SMD sockets);

9.Components with metal shell can not touch with other components. Enough space position is a must;

10.Interface-related devices are placed as close as possible to the interface and the backplane bus driver is placed as close as possible to the backplane connector;

11.Whether the wave soldering surface of the CHIP device has been converted into a wave soldering package;

12.Whether there are more than 50 manual solder joints;

13.Horizontal installation should be considered when axially install higher components on PCB boards;

14.Ebough spacing is confirmed when use heat sink devices, and pay attention to the height of the main components within the heat sink.

PCB Component  

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