PCB Conformal Coating Applications

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PCB Conformal Coating

Thanks to the PCB conformal coating, PCB assembly can extend the storage time. PCB conformal coating is a painting with lots of properties including anti-mildew, anti-moisture, anti-dust, anti-heat, anti-cold shock, anti-aging, anti-salt spray, anit-vibration, etc.

PCB conformal coating only applies to high-tech printed circuit boards in the first stage. As electronic devices are widely used in everyday life, consumers are paying more attention to the quality and reliability of their products. The use of conformal coating enables manufacturers to effectively improve product quality and reduce issues occurred during warranty period. Typical uses include the following ranges:

1.Civil and Commercial Applications

PCB conformal coating on electronic household appliances can prevent them from: 

a.water and detergent (washing machines, dishwashers, bathroom products, outdoor electronic LED screen, etc.);

b.external unfavorable environment (display screen, burglar alarm, fire alarm device, etc.);

c.chemical substances (air conditioners,  dryers, etc.);

d.harmful substances in office and home (computer, induction cooker, etc.);

e.all other printed circuit boards need conformal coating.

2.Auto Industry

Automotive industry requires conformal coating to prevent circuit boards from the following types of hazards, such as: gasoline evaporation, salt spray, brake fluid, etc. The use of electronic systems in automobiles continues to grow rapidly, so the use of conformal coating has become a fundamental requirement to ensure long-term reliability of automotive electronics.


The aerospace environment has strict requirements on electronic equipment, especially under the conditions of rapid pressurization and depressurization, a good and stable circuit performance is required. Pressure resistance and stability of conformal coating make it widely used in aerospace industry.


Both freshwater and salty seawater can be hazardous to the electrical wiring of marine equipment. The use of conformal coating can maximize the protection of the surface as well as submerged and underwater equipment.


Conformal coating can ensure its long-term stability by protecting electronic equipment from external chemicals and environment erosion.

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