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PCB conformal coating is a special formulation of chemical coating, used to protect the circuit board and related equipment from environmental erosion. After curing, it becomes a protective film featuring superior insulation, moisture-proof, leakage-proof, shockproof, dust-proof, anti-corrosion, anti-aging, corona resistance etc.

Cause conformal coating can effectively protect the PCB boards, it is largely used in electronic PCB assemblies to enhance and extend the product’s service life and ensure the safety and reliability. This also means hidden cost and potential risky damage can be largely reduced.

A conformal coating can shield sensitive electronic components against harsh environmental conditions such as moisture, chemicals and debris. It is a breathable protective layer instead of a total sealant, so some moisture can trap into the circuit board.

To make the full use of the its function, conformal coatings should completely cover the PCB assembly and provide good coverage of sharp edges (components and component leads) and other contours (solder joints for example). To be effective, coat board edges should be totally covered as no solder resist is present.

There are essentially four main ways of applying a conformal coating:
1. Dipping – limited to materials that do not cure quickly by moisture, oxidation or light
2. Selective robotic coating – all coating types can be used if the correct dispense head is selected
3. Spraying – hand spray using a spray booth or aerosol can. All coatings can be applied in this way
4. Brushing – requires extremely proficient and skilled operators in order to be suitable for production purposes

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