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EPCB understands the importance of PCB quality and functionality, we stick to quality-oriented principle in each link of PCB manufacturing and assembly line, and adhere to the strictest quality standards in all business correlated with PCBs. We have been doing our best to ensure our PCB bare boards and assembled PCBs meet or even exceed specific requirements of each and every one of our clients. Along the way, we have built a solid reputation for great quality, competitive pricing, and just-in-time delivery.

In EPCB, stringent manufacturing guidelines are implemented to guarantee reliability and functionality of products, including ISO9001:2007, TS16949, UL, RoHS etc. PCB fabrication conforms to IPC 2 as quality grade while PCB assembly to IPC 3. Significantly, all the components ready to be assembled on bare boards, have to 100% go over step-by-step inspections whether they are purchased from renowned component distributors by our professional sourcing team or directly provided by clients.

We believe satisfying clients and their needs are the heart of any successful business. As such, we provide a range of bespoke offerings and customer service options to ensure clients' needs be fully fulfilled. So far, we have helped thousands of engineers, purchasers and hobbyists, from business to education institutions, to develop innovative applications transforming their products and the industry in which they operate.

Our printed circuit boards have been widely applied in Automotives, Consumer Electronics, Healthcare, IoT, Telecommunications, Aerospace, etc.

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