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A printed circuit board design checklist is a necessary part when designing a PCB. A PCB design checklist contains the information about the schematic details, PCB details, design specifications and any special design that all need to be considered in the design process. When coming up with a new PCB design, the following design checklist is really crucial.

Schematic details contain schematic diagram, bill of materials, and component details. Though component details are covered in bill of materials, you may write critical components placement. 

As to PCB details, the following points are very important. They are board size, mechanical dimension, layer number, current carrying capacity, mounting hole details, SMD or through-hole technology or mixed, placement information, legend details, and board name.

Design specifications include internal plane clearance, minimum conductance clearance, mounting hole clearance, solder mask clearance and heat sink.

As to special design, it contains ground pattern, components’ direction, component placement and holes’ grounding.

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PCB Design  

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