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Printed Circuit Board

PCB design can decide how well your final printed circuit board performs. When designing, you should pay more attention on the layout of the external connection, which cause most common PCB problems. A good layout not only can reduce the manufacturer cost and time, but can make your final printed circuit boards perform better even than your expect. In this article, EPCB lists some common problems for you reference, hope you can avoid them in your future PCB design.

Avoid Short Shaped Holes: In the drilling process, holes are easily broken, unless the hole aspect ratio is more than 2:1, and the width should be larger than 1.0mm. 

Avoid Unclear Frame Design: Please keep the outline of board layer, top overlayer, and keep-out layer separated, so PCB manufacturers can easily to judge the contour line. 

Avoid Copper Foil Closed to the Outer Frame: There should be at least 0.2mm between the copper foil and the outer frame, otherwise, copper foil is easily warped when milling shape and solder resist is very likely existed that caused by shedding problems.

Avoid Unclear Processing Order: Some customers forget to give some explanation to the board processing order. For example, a 4-layer board has Top, Mid1, Mid2, and Bottom, but the sequence of the board may be not the same with the processing order. 

Avoid short SMD Pad: High-density surface mount devices will cause really small pin spacing, and that will be likely to stagger components’ positions when install and test boards. 

EPCB hope you can get some new idea after reading this article.

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