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PCB design can decide how well your final printed circuit board performs. When designing, you should pay more attention on the layout of the external connection, which cause most common PCB problems. A good layout not only can reduce the manufacturer cost and time, but can make your final printed circuit boards perform better even than your expect. In this article, EPCB lists some common problems for you reference, hope you can avoid them in your future PCB design.

The Overlapping Pads: 
1. A pad overlap (except the outer surface mount pads) refers to overlapping holes in the drilling process which will cause damage to the hole. 
2. Suppose in the plywood overlaps one hole is used for the separation disk, another one is for the connection plate, scrap will be cause after adding the drawn film.

The Layer Abuse:
1. Some inexperienced designers may design unnecessary connections in some pattern layer, for example, a 6-layer circuit board may have more than 7 lines.
2. Some designers may not obey the conventional design principle, for instance, a component should be welded in the bottom surface layer but it is designed on the top.

One-Sided Pad Aperture Settings: 
Single-sided pads are generally not drilled unless the design is specified. 

The Overlapping Character:
It is not difficult to design the character compared with others, and the chances for character to cause difficulties for screen printing is little. However, if you make the character too much overlap, once mistake occurs, it is really difficult to find out.

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