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When you design a circuit board, you need to follow the PCB design rules of your manufacturer. These rules are the limits of the machine that makes the circuit boards.

The rules we need to pay attention to are these:
Minimum trace width: The minimum trace width is the minimum width of your traces. So you have to make sure you draw your circuit board “wires” with a width of more than 0.1524 mm.
Minimum trace/ vias/ pads space: Outside each trace, via or pad needs some space. In this case it has to be at least 0.1524 mm. 
Minimum silkscreen width: The silkscreen is what we use to draw or write text on a circuit board. The width of the silkscreen has to be at least 0.1524 mm.
Drilling hole and finish hole: The drilling hole has to be between 0.3 mm and 6.35 mm. And the finish hole between 0.8 mm and 6.35 mm.
SMT minimum solder mask width: This is the minimum width of the solder mask. Solder mask is something that the solder doesn’t like to stick to. So it is around all pads to keep the solder on the pad. And in this case it has to be at least 0.1 mm.
Min solder mask clearance: The solder mask clearance is the space that is needed around the solder mask. 0.13 mm is better.

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