PCB Design Specifications

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To be a qualified staff in PCB industry, you have to learn PCB design specifications well. EPCB lists some of them as follows for you to keep in mind.

1. Distance from the plate edge should be left as least 5mm (equals to 197mil).

2. Core components and bulky components should be placed first, put the center of the core element around the circuit components.

3. Power components placed in favor of the position of the heat.

4. Greater quality components should be close to the chassis side fixed placement instead of on the center plate.

5. Components with high pressure are better not to test by hand.

6. Thermal element should be placed away the heating element.

7. Design a reasonable and consistent signal flow layout.

8. SMT components should note pad direction in order to facilitate assembly and welding, and reduce the possibility of bridging.

9. Decoupling capacitors should be close to the location of the power input.

10. The height limit of element surface wave is 4mm.

11. The double-sided element PCB, larger denser integrated circuit, and plug-in components should be placed on the top plate, while pins and small chip components on the bottom.

12. The distance from the positioning hole to pad should be not less than 7.62mm (equals to 300mil), and distance to the edge of the surface-mount device should be not less than 5.08mm (equals to 200mil).

PCB Design  

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