PCB Design for Easy Assembly

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As a customer, we always want to keep the cost of printed circuit boards and assembly low. In this article, EPCB lists some tips about PCB design for assembly to help you cut cost. They are as follows: 

Use a good drawing package that will locate the components you are using on the printed circuit board.

View your Gerber files with a separate viewer, not just the one provided to you by your design package.

Consult with your PCB assembler to learn more about their machine limitations.

Place the components that require a specific location first.

Leave at least 100 mils between components and the PCB edge.

Insure that the orientation of polarized parts is the same. Avoid placing your components at angles other than 0 or 90 degrees.

When it is necessary to have components on both sides, keep sensitive, heavy, or through-hole components on the primary side. Also, any components that need special attention should be kept on the primary side of the printed circuit board as well.

When deciding where to place PCB assembly components, always attempt to minimize trace lengths.

Consider the volume of the run. If you have a low volume then PCB assembly by hand is better, while if it is high, then use automated PCB assembly is a cost-effective way. Besides, if there are various and numerous components on a PCB, you should talk with the assembler. 

PCB Design  

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