PCB Design in Automotive Industry

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With the continuous development of PCB technology, we now have more and more advanced electronic devices, which require printed circuit boards’ excellent performance.

PCB in automotive were once very simple, because the PCB design didn’t take high-frequency signals, microwave, millimeter-wave frequencies and so on into consideration. But nowadays, more and more electronic factors are considered before designing an automotive PCB layout, and that makes it to be more and more complicated.

Except the complex electronic factors, security is also a main factor when design PCB in automotive industry. Collision avoidance, blind spot detection and adaptive cruise control systems are basic automotive functions, which means that more high performance PCB and automotive components are required now than ever. 

It is obvious that the smart device in our daily life is becoming more and more convenient and small. This change also can be found in the automotive PCB design, because more spaces for driver and passengers need to be considered now. 

All in all, more electronic factors, security factor, and comfortable factor need to be considered when design a PCB in the automotive industry.

PCB Design  

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