PCB Design through DipTrace

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PCB Design through DipTrace

DipTrace is widely used by electrical and electronics engineering students around the world. The software is very handy for creating printed circuit boards (PCBs) which are the main foundation for any device or project. The article give you some guideline to make a PCB layout through DipTrace software.

The new library from DipTrace software gives you a schematic of the circuit when designing your PCB layout. You have to choose components from the library and then follow the design schematics to connect them. PCB design is very simple, you can quickly assemble components to make a schematics.

PCB Components
If you want to have components that are not available in the library of the software. You can choose to meet the challenge as placing independent vias for the components. However, for vias placement, you must know the length of components and the thickness of wires or legs of the component.

The Backward and Forward Annotation
The best part of the software is that it supports forward and backward annotation. The forward annotation is the process of transferring changes in schematic to the corresponding PCB layout program. Backward annotation is the process of transferring changes to the circuit in the layout program in schematic mode.

The Design Rule Check 
One of the best features of DipTrace is its design rule check, which you must use before completing a PCB layout. This option is only available on professional software but DipTrace offers this. Therefore, after designing the PCB layout, you must verify it with the design rule check option before printing and etching.

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