PCB Electrical Testing

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After designing a satisfactory application, you absolutely hope installed PCBs can meet all your requirements so that your application will work exactly as expected. To meet your satisfaction, EPCB implement strict electrical testing for your printed circuit boards during the production process. At EPCB, your bare PCBs will undergo all test programs in order to meet Class 2 requirements. To ensure that each PCB is up to your standards and each PCB is of high-quality, measure capacitance and resistance are the must process. And all testing follows IPC-9252 specification guidelines which mean 100% of the networks on the board are checked for continuity and isolation using a test program from your Gerber data. And this allows us to catch any shorts/opens introduced in the event of an error in the Gerber files. In addition, in your circuit board manufacturing process, either the Bed of Nails Fixture method or the Flying Probe method is used by us to perform the testing. So we can make sure that each finished PCB you receive can work properly as you needed. 

Electrical Testing  EPCB  

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