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When ordering PCBs, only providing PCB design file to your PCB manufacturer is not enough, fabrication note is also required.

A typical fabrication note includes all the details which can show how a person or company want their custom PCB fabricated. The content specifies the details alphabetically from material description to the package. Here we list some necessary details.

Drill chart-- It describes the detail of every hole that is need to be drilled on the board.

Layer detail-- Take a multi-layer PCB as example, the layer is described in detail to assist in the production. The note tells the description of each layer and its purpose because no standard guideline is provided for layer assignment.

Material-- The fabrication note describes the clad material, thickness of the material, symmetry and orientation. Solder mask application guide is also part of the note, which describes mask thickness, how to use mask, etc.

Standard-- Fabrication note must specify the standard, so your  manufacture will fabricate your printed circuit boards as per that standard like IPC6012B, IPC4101/21, etc.

Testing-- Quality testing is done on every stage during the whole fabrication process. The note specifies the tests and calculation to be done on and after manufacturing 

Trace specifications-- It describes the thickness and alignment of the trace which might me useful when re-engineered. Marking details is mentioned in the note to assist in printing the silkscreen layout.

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