PCB Fabrication Process

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6-Layer Board

To be a high-quality PCB, a printed circuit board needs to experience a series of processing steps. In this article, EPCB will give a brief introduction for some of them.

Laser Drill: If you want a really tiny via, drilling vias by a laser machine is the best way, because a beam of light 20 microns (1 Mil) in diameter can easily fabricate a smaller micro-via. Besides, even metal and glass can be drilled by high influence beams.

Post Etch Punch: Punching core material is the only acceptable method of building precision tooling.

Drill: Computer numerical control machines are able to make drill and profile routing software, which can promise high performance and productivity.

Plating: The plating process is usually fabricated by automated plating lines which can largely reduce the quick turn and improve the output.

Automated Optical Inspection (AOI): The automated optical inspection equipment is used to check internal and external layers.

Routing and Scoring: Routing and scoring are the last fabrication step before electrical testing. Constant monitoring by engineering ensures parts will meet your specifications.

Electrical Test: Electrical test is the final step in the whole fabrication process. Flying probe testers or bed-of-nail testers are used to 100% electrical test all PCB's on site at manufacturing.

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