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Today’s printed circuit boards (PCBs) are packed with components and functionality that has quickly made manual designs and construction. Even hobbyists and beginners can now very easily access complex software that makes quick work of simple projects, and promotes reliability and efficiency in design.

However, even the most advanced PCB design software may have its limitations. Thus, if your project is in urgent, you may have some unreasonable PCB design mistakes which can’t be checked by the software. But it’s ok if you order your boards from EPCB since our professional engineers will check our Gerber file carefully for free.

Free PCB File Check from EPCB
Design error is one of the biggest problems customers may have when ordering printed circuit boards online. It really affects the stability and functionality of your final PCB boards. To solve this problem, EPCB provides free file check service to make sure your file is all good for manufacturing before you pay. If errors exist in your file, we'll correct them and mail you our suggestion in an EQ report. We try best to fabricate 100% perfect PCB boards, and that's why we have 99%+ customer satisfaction rate.

Free Solderpaste Files from EPCB
When you get your perfect PCBs, you may need SMT stencil but unwilling to buy the solderpaste file. It’s doesn’t matter. EPCB offers free solderpaste file to help you lower the cost.

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