PCB Gerber File

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PCB Gerber File

Printed circuit board travel through a variety of hands before the actual production. Those hands are more likely to be physically and technically different from each other. Therefore, a standard format must be established to ensure a smooth transition of design data. Gerber file is a bridge between PCB designers and manufacturers.

The Gerber file is an open source two-dimensional drawing format based on the ACSII developed by Gerber Systems Corp which was acquired by Barco ETS later and finally acquired by Ucamco private limited. Gerber, containing copper traces of the corresponding layers,  is independent of the computer-aided design suits.

It maps a variety of data, such as drilling information, milling coordinates, screen print note, etc. The Gerber files is extended as .bgr or .GBR

There are basically two versions of Gerber files RS-274D and RS-274X, of which the 247X is the most widely used version at present as the previous version had some limitations and was primarily used for older generation PCB manufacturing tools. Since Gerber files contain all the data required for PCB fabrication from photo printing to single file inspection, processing is straightforward and can be generally uploaded to all stages of the production line. This file also contains Mata data to validate the simulation and test results.

Gerber files are generated during the final stages of PCB production by each CAD and IDE tool. Since it is basically a “g code” of plotted image, it can be easily view on a variety of open source Gerber viewers most of the designs have a web intergraded app to preview the design before beginning the production. Unfortunately, the final design of a Gerber file is not ideal because it can alter the simulation results.

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